At the age of 15 he learned to play the guitar by himself and at the age of 17 he bought his first guitar. It was a Rock`n`Roll guitar. He played in different Rock`n`Roll bands until in 1969 he decided to change to American folk. Since that time he got into all influences of American folk like blues, Irish, Spanish French, Cajun music up to Country and Western including Country Rock. He learned from artists like Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Chris LeDoux and several others more.


Hardin plays the 6-string, 12-string western guitar, harp, Dobro and lead vocals. He learned his picking style by his American friend Dick Janney, who also wrote many excellent songs. Some more lessons of exercising he got on the Dobro by Ray Tate who played with nearly all international stars of the folk and country scene of America.


In the 70ies Hardin played in many pubs. Then there was a break for the next 20 years because of professional and family reasons. From June 2000 to December 2008 he worked and played in the country duo "The Trailriders" who recorded 5 CDs in that time. In 2008 they decided to go separate ways. Since 2009 he appears on stage all by himself with his own program.


Since 2009 he often plays together with "Jones" as "Hardin & Jones. Jones usually plays in Rockbands like "Master-Rock" or in the Pink Floyd- coverband "Us and Them". Jones' favorite instrument is the electric bass. Since June 2014 we stopped our cooperation.


Since November 2011 Hardin occasionally plays in the old duo "The Trailriders" again. The Trairiders consist of Hardin (Ulf Below) and Uwe van Egdom. They play once a year at "Hugis Bistro" and on several occasions throughout the year.